Afghanistan back to Square

N.B Chyoi / July 24, 2021

Taliban soldiers

As the U.S & NATO forces are being pulled out of Afghanistan, new emerging threat of “Islamic Terrorism” expands across the region. Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan can’t be seen in isolation as it has roots somewhere else and till they are uprooted, peace is meaningless.

On 16th July, It is unfortunate that Ms. Silsila Alikhil, the daughter of H.E.Najibullah Alikhil, Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan is kidnapped in Islamabad in day light and tortured for nearly six hours. It is alarming that even the “Diplomatic Community” is not safe in Pakistan. Denial has been Pakistan’s weapon but denials have been exposed a number of times and in number of cases the denial came first whereas the incident happened later, so there is correlation.

In the past, family members of Indian diplomats were harassed and physically assaulted. “Diplomatic enclaves” across the globe are considered as safe zones but perhaps Pakistan has different nomenclature.

The “terror factories” along the Pakistan-Afghanistan borders have single agenda to keep the terrorism live. As Talibans are advancing, the new diktats or announcements are coming. Taliban issued a warning to handover all girls above 15 and widows up to 45 to be married to their soldiers. Further said it is “haram” in Islam to keep a girl of 18 years or above at home.

Afghan forces are losing grounds since they lack experience and confidence to handle the operations independently and moreover there are domestic compulsions too. If one brother is serving in Afghan forces, other is trained as “Taliban Fighter” in terror factories in Pakistan.

N.B Chyoi is a Kachin lawyer and geopolitical analyst focusing especially on Burma, India and China.

The opinion expressed here is the author’s own, and does not represent the editorial policy of The Kachin Post.