Always Be Grateful

N.B Chyoi / August 30, 2021

India’s Covishield vaccine

Having gratitude & being grateful are virtues of good human but surprisingly some Burma Army’s officers lacks both, but they are preaching religion.

It was ridiculous to find a news item viral in social media and news sites this week “that some of the Burma Army officers are claiming that they were administrated with two doses of unapproved Indian Covishield vaccine in March-April and that too without their consent but surprisingly. After six months, they feel experimented as “Human Guinea Pig”. India had only provided vaccines as goodwill gesture and as good neighbour whereas vaccines were administrated by Burmese authorities not Indian.

People of Burma have always been grateful to India and applauded for supplying 3.2 million doses of Covishield in Jan and Feb 2021, despite the fact India too was passing through critical phase. It is shocking to know that some black sheeps or better called as “Chinese Sympathizers” in Burma Army are raising voices after six months of taking a jab. These officers should have taken two doses of Sinopharm now with full consent as they have received supplies from China.

Efficiency of Covishield is globally accepted and it’s popularity in Burma can be assessed from the fact that people in Burma are willing to shell out almost a hundred thousand Katy (US$60) for a shot whereas same people are reluctant to have Sinopharm or Sinovac shots free.

Chinese vaccines have already been phased out in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Mongolia. Chinese have actually diverted surplus supply of Sinopharm to Burma as no other country is accepting these vaccines and even China has stopped to use it.

N.B Chyoi
is a Kachin lawyer and geopolitical analyst focusing especially on Burma, India and China.

The opinion expressed here is the author’s own, and does not represent the editorial policy of The Kachin Post.