Armed force crushed Myitkyina protesters

Seng Htoi Zin / February 19, 2021

Anti-coup graffiti in Myitkyina

Almost five hundred of Burmese soldiers and local police quelled the anti-coup protesters in Kachin State capital Myitkyina yesterday, by using the slingshots which caused the crowd panicked and dispersed the daily demonstration against military junta.

More anti-coup protesters came out yesterday than previous days as well as more soldiers and police deployed in town, according to the Myitkyina residents. Thousands of anti-coup protesters rally every day on the streets of Myitkyina since last week to demand the release of detained political leaders and end the military dictatorship in the country.

“I got hit by the slingshot today,” Htang Ying from Kachin News told The Kachin Post. He said he didn’t hurt seriously because he wore a helmet. This is a new strategy used by the security force because it’s impossible to use lethal weapon in town to crack down on demonstrators, Ying believe. The armed force started using the slingshots yesterday, instead of using rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon.

A protester Kyaw Moe Swe from Yangyi Aung Quarter told The Kachin Post that the armed force would use more stringent tactic to crack down on protesters in coming days. Yesterday situation was serious that the police even arrested the street vendors. Kyaw said he saw a few people detained by the police in front of him.

The police also erased the “No Dictatorship” street graffiti, which was painted by the protesters on the city’s riverside road. News reporters and journalist were being threatened not to take photo and video record during the clash.

Last Sunday night in Myitkyina, a combine unit of police and soldiers cracked down on hundreds of protesters by using tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets.