Border lives report introduced

The Kachin Post / February 20, 2020

A research foundation based in Yangon had introduced its new report “Border Lives; The Kachin-China Border” on last Saturday in Myitkyina, Kachin State.

The report has illustrated the complex array of factors that impact on the daily lives of people living along the Kachin-China border, especially the Maija Yang and Hpimaw. It also highlighted many innovative ways that people adapt, navigate and work around the restrictions and boundaries of Burma and China as well as non-state actors.

The report’s introduction event was organized by the Enlightenment Myanmar Research Foundation (EMReF) and hosted at the Kachinland College. EMReF said the research project is the starting point for better understanding of daily lives of people from two border town of Maija Yang and Hpimaw. The economic influence of China contributes the main factors for shaping the lives of two borderland communities, the report said.

Maija Yang is located approximately 100 kilometers southeast of Myitkyina and Hpimaw is 150 kilometers northeast of Myitkyina. Both towns are located in the Burma side of the border, however, Maija Yang was under control of Kachin Independence Organization, and Hpimaw was administered by Border Guard Force and local militia.

EMReF is an independent non-profit research institution working for development of evidence based policy making and revitalization of independent research culture in Burma.


This story is partly contributed by a Myitkyina based reporter San Lat.