Burma Army overrun a militia base

Tu Ja / March 23, 2020

Troops from Burma Army’s Division 99 has taken over the control of a military base which belongs to Kawnghka headquartered Kachin militia called Kawnghka People’s Militia Force (KPMF) over the last week in northern Shan State of Burma.

Burma Army has stationed at the Loi Hkan village’s prayer hill and disarmed the militia, according to KPMF soldier who is in condition of anonymity. The militia’s based is located in the Loi Hkan village near the Chinese border. The Kachin militia said that Burma Army came to their base in search for the narcotic drugs and later occupied the based and the villagers have been disappointed with the present of Burmese soldiers.

Early of March, Burma Army reportedly seized almost US $200 million worth of narcotic drugs and a abandoned illicit-drug factory near Kawnghka and Loi Hkan villages in Kutkai Township.

Kawnghka People’s Militia Force was transformed from Kachin Defense Army (KDA) in 2010 when Burma Army pressured to form several ethnic ceasefire armies into Border Guard Forces. Estimated 1,500 troops of KDA surrendered their heavy weapons and artillery to Burma Army and kept the small armed during the transformation.

KDA was founded in 1991 after splintering from its mother organization, the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and reached a ceasefire deal with Burma Army.

Tu Ja is a reporter based in northern Shan State.