Burma Army raided Kachin Baptist office

San Latt / March 01, 2021

A broken gate of Shan State Kachin Baptist Association office / KBC

The office of Shan State Kachin Baptist Association (SKBA) in the capital of northern Shan State Lashio was raided today in a broad day light, arresting staffs and youth members.

Local police and Burmese soldiers arrested three Christian ministers and eight youths in the compound of SKBA, according the Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC). The detainees are the Youth Director Rev. Zau Doi Awng, Rev. Maw She (Director of Education Department), the Treasure Rev. Hkangda Naw Mai, Lagang Dau Ying, Hkangkum Hkawng Gyung, Gum Sut Nan, Peter, Hawng Hkawng, Seng Ra Awng, Zau Ja Hpra and Dan Seng Awng.

SKBA office was stormed by the police and soldiers after an undercover Burmese soldier tipped off the office sheltered the anti-coup protesters, Rev. Ung Sau from SKBA told The Kachin Post. The police broke the office gate and open fire when they came into the office, said Rev. Ung Sau.

The undercover soldier was previously detained by the SKBA youth because the soldier followed them, whom came back from the daily anti-coup demonstration. The soldiers came back with the police after he was released from the brief detainment.

Dau Nan, a daughter of detainee Rev. Maw She, told The Kachin Post that she lost communication with her Dad, and she has been talking to the local lawyer for the release of all SKBA staffs and youth members.

Kachin Baptist Convention recently urged its members to humbly pray for the release of SKBA staffs and youth members. Shan State Kachin Baptist Association (SKBA) is one of the Associations under the Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC).