Canada and Netherlands endorsed Gambia against Burma

The Kachin Post / December 10, 2019

Canada and the Kingdom of Netherlands has welcomed Gambia’s move to file criminal cased against Burma at International Court of Justice (ICJ), regarding the alleged genocide violation against the country’s Muslim-minority Rohingya.

“In order to uphold international accountability and prevent impunity, Canada and Netherlands hereby express their intention to jointly explore all options to support and assist the Gambia in these efforts,” said a diplomatic statement release yesterday. Both countries strongly believe that the matter is rightfully brought to the ICJ to provide international legal judgment on whether acts of genocide have been committed.

Over 700,000 Rohingya from Rahkine State of Western Burma had fled to neighbouring Bangladesh two years ago, in order to avoid the Burma Army’s notorious military campaign, which reportedly carried out mass murdered, raped and destroyed hundred of villages.

Canada and Netherlands consider their obligation to support The Gambia before the ICJ as it concerns all of humanity, said in the statement. Both countries also urge all States Parties to the Genocide Convention to support the Gambia in its effort to address the the violations.

Recently, Rohingya campaigner called Free Rohingya Coalition has launched “Boycott Myanmar Campaign”, calling corporations, foreign investors, professional and culture organizations to sever their institutional ties with Burma.