Celebrities boycott Kachin State Day announcement

The Kachin Post / January 18, 2019

Kachin Celebrity Association (KCA) based in Myitkyina, Kachin State has expressed its position to protest against the 2020 Kachin State Day announcement, threatening to withdrawal its participation in the event next year.

The Celebrity Association is upholding the title “Kachin State Day or Jinghpaw Mungdaw Nhtoi” because it has been using since established and majority Kachin people want to use it, said KCA statement released on Monday. KCA’s earlier statement mentioned that its member will not participate in the event due to the inappropriate terms used by the event committee.

The Kachin State Day celebration will be held in Myitkyina on January 5-12 with the proposed budget of 250 million Kyat (US $166,000), according to the event organizing committee. However, the committee has decided to omit the word “Kachin or Jinghpaw”, using “2020 State Day or Mungdaw Ntoi”. The main reason why the word “Kachin or Jinghpaw” has been excluded is unknown.

The Kachin State was established in January 10, 1948 in commemoration of the result of the Panglong Agreement, which blueprinted to emerge Union of Burma. The country gained independence from British on January 4, 1948 and Kachin State is one of the first two State within the country.