Challenge to eliminating Burmese Junta

The Kachin Post / October 12, 2021


The recent recognition of the European Union (EU) toward Burma’s parallel National Unity Government (NUG) as a legitimate government and the exclusion of Burmese Junta at the ASEAN meeting this week reveals that the international community has been tired of dealing with the stubborn Burmese Junta. But one must understand the sensitivity of the issue.

Any assault on Junta directly or indirectly will ultimately have bearing on the common man in Burma who is already reeling under poverty and stress. It is very easy to pass acts or resolutions sitting thousands miles away. NUG’s acceptance is very limited to Bamar heartland like Yangon and Mandalay. NLD has done nothing for the country’s non-Burmese ethnic regions during its five years term. But now to regain the power lost, NLD with new name NUG, appeasing all ethnic insurgents to help. How NLD or NUG can escape the responsibility of Rohingya genocide?

EU and US before imposing sanctions, better evaluate its impacts. If they hold a notion that sanctions or boycotts or isolating the present Burmese regime can change things in Burma, then it’s a mis- calculated move. China and Russia should be engaged in dialogue rather. Entire international community knows what interests the EU or US or ASEAN have in Burma.

Their interest is to check China, nothing else. Blocks are being created in the Indian subcontinent to check China first with Quadrilateral Security Dialogue between U.S, India, Japan and Australia (QUAD) followed by Trilateral Security Pact between Australia, U.K and U.S (AUKUS). There are other ways to check Chinese influence. Why has the US or EU not invested in infrastructure development in Burma or what is their stake in business in Burma?

People in Burma are poor, they need jobs, healthcare and education. Why did the US or EU or ASEAN remained at the back foot during COVID surge in Burma. India sent 3.2 million doses of vaccines followed relief materials. China and Russia too sent medical aids and vaccines. Friend in need is a friend indeed. Giving a handful of scholarships on a selective basis to generate presence is not enough.

Burma’s economy is on the verge of collapse, and the ordinary citizens are suffering the most. It hardly matters whether NUG is recognized or not, it’s not time to satisfy ego but to find a solution which can bring prosperity and peace in Burma. Even if democracy is restored in Burma, the situation is not going to improve as much as new armed groups have cropped up in Ethnic regions and quelling them is not that easy. Recognizing the Burma’s National Unity Government is a good start, but the international community must have full commitment on curing the consequence of eliminating the Burmese Junta from this country.