Coronavirus impacts lives in Kahcin State

Seng Htoi Zin / March 21, 2020

The government of Kachin State has announced yesterday to halt temporarily all the schools, public events, social and religious gatherings in a respond to prevent the spread of coronavirus, changing the atmosphere of lives in Kachin State.

The announcement also instructed that all the hotels and motels to postpone the booked events, seminars and conferences. The government restricted not to spread rumour about coronavirus and urged public to report suspected coronavirus person immediately to the local authorities.

Most movie theatres across the Kachin State had been closed since Monday, even before the government instruction to halt the public gatherings and major events. The manager of Ayar Cinema Hlaing Htoo said that the movie theatre has been shut down temporarily to help slowing down the spread of coronavirus. “Now is the time to get rid of the mob and stop spreading the virus” he said. Dai Zuk cinema from Hpakant Township and Star cinema are already closed.

Major Churches in Myikyina also instructed its members to worship online starting from next week, instead of public worship in the Churches compound. The Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC) also announced to postpone its summer camps and seminars. Langwa Yaw Ting, a pastor of Janmai Kawng Baptist Church, told The Kachin Post that the Churches will be worship online and worship service will be live broadcast.

Myitkyina residents have been stocking up foods for preparation of the worse scenario. The spread of coronavirus could lead to the shortage of food and the price of rice and oil are slightly higher now, said Zin Mar Myit from Chan Thar grocery store in Myikyina. The store already sold many of essential foods such as rice, oil and salt, because people are worry of the situation may be getting worse.

There is no cure for coronavirus,” said a general practitioner Dr. Kyaw Zin Lat, adding that children and the elderly person with weak lungs need to be more cautious. Because it’s similar to pneumonia and people need to wash hands, avoid touching their faces, keep social distancing and consume more drinks which contained Vitamin C.

On Thursday, Kachin State People’s Party (KSPP) sent an open letter to the Kachin State government, urging to temporarily close all the border passes with China during the coronavirus outbreak season. The party mentioned that Chinese citizens and banana trucks are still passing the border as usual.

Burma’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wednesday announced that the closure of all the border passes across the country to foreigners in order to prevent spreading of coronavirus. However, The Kachin Post has learnt that most border passes are still open and Chinese are still allowed to come into Kachin State.

According to the statistic released by Burma’s the ministry of Health, there are 157 cases of surveillance and suspected patients across the country and no reported dead related to coronavirus which caused the Covid-19 disease.