Exclusive Interview with KNO leader

Seng Htoi Zin / July 12, 2021

KNO’s logo of Independent Kachinland

What are the future plans of Kachin National Organization (KNO)?

KNO’s Ultimate Goal is to form the Independent Kachinland where the sovereign power of the Nation directly derives from the people.

How sure KNO can pave the way for the Independent Kachinland?

If we have clear vision, clear goal, willingness and contribution, we can surely build Independent Kachinland.

We must have clear goal and clear vision of gaining independence.

We must have the willingness of independent spirit.

We must all contribute in paving the way to an Independent Kachinland.

As you mentioned in your video, you will talk to China and India for Independent Kachinland? Please explain more in details plan.

We, the KNO has built up good relationship with China and India for many years. As I have mentioned before, if we have clear goal, clear vision and willingness, we could convince them more and surely could gain support. We must clearly tell them what we want and why we need to be separate from the Union of Burma and be an Independent Nation. If we are not clear on what we want or if we don’t have clear vision or path, then how could someone or a country help or support us?

Both India and China know and acknowledge our political stand and our sincerity on political interest. They are already aware of our commitment to the people of Kachinland and to fight for Independent Kachinland.

How KNO will deal with KIO when the conflict would occur in the future?

We have been supporting KIO for many years and we will still support in the struggle. However, in the meantime the path of both parties is different. Currently, KIO is pursuing the path to Federal Democratic Country where every state has their self-determination right.

On the other hand, KNO has been working together with KIO for many years in the struggle for genuine federal Union. However, since 2019 KNO has abandoned its struggle for genuine federal union as it sees no sign of becoming a genuine federal union, and thus now KNO is on the clear path to Independent Kachinland or a separate Nation. We have no intention or plan to fight with each other. We will always find ways for collaborations and cooperation between us.

Do you think KNO will find a way for Kachin liberation from current Burma’s political turmoil? Explain how and why?

Yes, we strongly believe that now is the right time for Kachin liberation. In the past most of the people from Burma proper or lower part of Burma never understood our pain and suffering. However, after the military coup in 2021 February 1, they have felt those pain and suffering themselves. We have come to senses and realize that the military dictatorship and all forms of dictatorship must end once and for all in Burma. We can help the people of Burma proper or lower part of Burma free and become independent state as well as some other states. By means of all these, we can uproot this regime with the help and support of the people of Burma proper or lower part of Burma as we help them free from this political turmoil.

What is the KNO’s policy on both Burma’s de facto regime State Administrative Council (SAC) and National Unity Government (NUG)? How KNO will deal with them?

We will fight against the military regime in full scale. We are sworn to fight off this regime for good. We support the fight to end this military dictatorship by so called National Unity Government (NUG). We will help and support them within our capacity till we can uproot this military dictatorship. However, we open our door to discuss with any stakeholder for our independent Kachinland or free Nation.

Do you have in mind which country would be first to recognize independent Kachinland when it would be declared in the future? Why?

I have strong hope that our Independent Kachinland would be welcomed by our two big neighboring countries, India and China. Because our Nation could be the bridge for future peace and stability along the India and China borders.

Will the KNO really fight and establish an Independent Kachinland?

We will surely build Independent Kachinland and we will surely become the Nation with rich natural resources and eco-friendly, peaceful Nation in the world.

What are the reasons for the people of the Kachin State to trust the KNO?

KNO never change its ultimate goal and we are truthful to the people. We do politics for National interest.

What do you want to say to Kachin people?

I want to say to the people of Kachinland to have faith in our Independent Kachinland movement. With unity we can build brand new Nation and be a role model to all. We have almighty God on our side. We only have to believe and have faith in the path to independent Kachinland. I sincerely urge all the people of Kachinland to give the best and utmost contribution to this Independent Kachinland movement without any doubt. We will surely win and let’s build a peaceful and prosperous Nation for us and for our future generation.

The Kachin National Organization (KNO) was founded in January 9, 1999 by the Kachin diaspora led by the leader Duwa Bawmwang Laraw, striving to pursue the Independent Kachinland from the country of Burma.