Fall short of Men

N.B Chyoi / April 05, 2021

Anti-coup protest in India-Burma border town of Tamu / Chin World

Sometimes ego needs to be chewed or it puts us in shame or causes irreparable damage. Burma’s military coup council State Administration Council (SAC) was confident enough to suppress the protests across the country with the help of their so called “dedicated combats” but they miscalculated the consequences and got embarrassment.

Approximately 1500 desertions from regular police and other security apparatus was a major set back coupled by Civil Disobedient Movement (CDM) joined by public servants which ultimately collapsed the entire functioning mechanism.

Burma Army’s strength of almost half a million men power is not that large for country having 54 million people nor it can’t be mobilized anywhere or can hold multiple fronts. The army loyal to SAC had already released of approximately 24,000 prisoners on Union Day in Feb 12th as a goodwill gesture, removed Arakan Army (AA) from terrorist list and finally announcing cease fire on March 31 to end of April 2021.

These steps were taken to contain the resistance but ultimately it has become counter productive. Despite China’s assistance at all fronts like monitoring internet, detailing of regular army (People Liberation Army’s Public Security Bureau) men to strengthen Burma Army and Police & strategical support, things have moved beyond their control. Pictures of Chinese soldiers in Burmese Police uniforms are viral everywhere and truth is out. China too know the gravity of the situation so it has reinforced troops to Ruili-Muse border last week and stopped trade with Burma.

Perhaps SAC was holding an impression of protests in Yangon or Mandalay during early eighties but this time surprisingly it spread like anything and reached every part of Burma, thanks to social media and VPN. Unity among the Bamars including ethnics is praiseworthy. The protesters opened fronts across the country and now it’s becoming difficult for SAC to contain it.

In order to meet the manpower, Burma Army has now started using rebels (Nagas, Kukis, Kathe) from northeast region of India bordering Burma who have been living in Sagaing, Chin & Rakhine area. The Junta had been very kind to them since decades. Junta has now sought their help to jointly fight along against our own civilians. This is shameful. India has raised concerns about presence of northeast rebels in Burma’s bordering region with every regime but no conclusive action was ever taken against them since decades. But now these rebel groups have become enemy of common Burmese as well.

People of Sagaing, Chin and Rakhine allowed the Nagas, Kukis and Kathe to stay in our villages bordering Burma as we thought their concern perhaps is genuine but once they start targeting us, they don’t deserve to be here. In the past also, the locals of Tamu complained about these rebels but they managed everything by bribing Burma Army.

Since last two weeks, there have been series of blasts in Tamu and nearby areas and residents know these were carried out by these rebels but locals became victims and were harassed. These rebels in Burmese Police uniforms are well identified by locals. These rebels needs to be fixed once and for all. Fellow citizens especially from western Burma should identify such elements and show them way out.

The ward representatives should keep watch on these rebels as they are not loyal to the country to which they belong how they can loyal to us. Most of them are criminals involved in extortion of money and kidnapping but to escape the arrest they cross over to our country and marry local girls even they are already married and had kids but to get Identity cards. They are actually black sheep. Top leaders of these rebel groups stay in big house in Mandalay, Kale, Monywa and Tamu and even some stay in Ruili- Muse. They are managing this by extorting money in the name of freedom but living lavish life.

N.B Chyoi is a Kachin lawyer and geopolitical analyst focusing especially on Burma, India and China.

The opinion expressed here is the author’s own, and does not represent the editorial policy of The Kachin Post.