Foreign Intervention is direly needed in Burma; Kachin Alliance

The Kachin Post / September 4, 2019

United State based Kachin Alliance (KA) has demanded International Communities to intervene the Burma’s worsening situation of human security in war zone, regarding the recent civilian deaths and causalities in country’s Northeast.

“We demand the International intervention and that this urgent need be addressed at United Nation Security Council,” said in KA statement released on Sunday. Kachin Alliance also explained Burma has lack of domestic mechanisms which necessary to protect civilians during armed conflict.

At the end of August, five civilians including four-months old baby were reportedly killed and three others were injured by Burma Army’s artillery shell in Kutkhai Township of Northern Shan State, where the recent fighting erupted last month between Burma Army and a few groups of ethnic insurgents called Northern Alliance.

KA also confirmed that the remnants of artillery shells found at the incident were believed to be manufactured by Burma Army’s own factory, Ka-Pa-Sa. “We strongly condemn indiscriminate attack on innocent civilians while skirmishes occur in the residential areas,” KA said. “It’s a serious violation of International Human Right Laws that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

Kachin Alliance also urged Burmese government, Burma Army and all stakeholders of the conflict in that territory to respect and adhere to the rules of Geneva Convention of War.

Kachin Alliance is a network of Kachin Communities based in United States, aiming to raise awareness of Kachin Affairs.