General Gun Maw mocked Burmese Government

The Kachin Post / October 2, 2019

A Vice Chairman of Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) Lt-General Sumlut Gun Maw has mocked the Burmese government’s confidential letter, which is believed to be fabricated the story of Ethnic Armed Organization’s meeting to sabotage in country’s capital Naypyidaw last month.

“It’s not for joke,” posted Gen. Gun Maw via his personal social media page, regarding the confidential Burmese government letter, which accused Ethnic Armed Organizations, including KIO of trying to attack Naypyidaw by making decision to transport explosive devices to the capital.

The Burmese confidential letter has the seal of Burmese President Office and signed by the Chief Director General Nai Swe Oo. The letter said that Ethnic Armed Organizations hold a secrete meeting near Thai-Burma border for the attack to divert Burma Army’s operation against Arakan Army, Ta-ang TNLA and Kokang MNDAA in Northern Shan State. The letter also detailed the attack would carried out in the September or October of 2019.