Hukawng Valley villagers boycott Yuzana Company

San Latt / April 08, 2021

Warazup Villagers staged demonstration against Yuzana Company / Sinpai Hukawng

Hundreds of residents from the villages along the Ledo Road in western Kachin State of northern Burma staged the coordinate protests against the Yuzana Company to leave from the Hukawng Valley, demanding the confiscated farmlands back to local farmers.

Villagers from Warazup, Awngra, Sanpya, Jahtuzup, Tingkok, Namphyek and Nawnglung Kawng villages participated yesterday’s demonstration, demanding the Yuzana Company to leave from the Hukawng Valley and return the confiscated land to the original owners. Over six hundreds residents of Tanai town also joined the demonstration. Villagers hold the demonstration against the Yuzana Company at their villages respectively.

“Get out Yuzana Company, we don’t want Yuzana Company, we want to manage our own farmlands, and we want to have farmer’s right,” the villagers chanted during the demonstration against the Yuzana Company.

A villager named Hugaw from Warazup village told The Kachin Post that the demonstration intended for the Hukawng Valley villagers’ desire of owing back the hundreds of thousands acres of confiscated farmlands from the Yuzana Company.

Last week, Yuzana Company’s Tapioca factory was burnt down by the soldiers from the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). Yuzana Company is responsible for arbitrarily confiscating hundreds of thousands acres of farmland from Kachin farmers for cassava and sugarcane plantation.