JFM finding needs double check

The Kachin Post / October 12, 2021

Recently some Burmese online media carried a fabricated news item “Indian company Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) supplied advanced defence equipment to Burma Army” based on the findings of a so called activists group Justice For Myanmar (JFM).

First of all, such entities have no access to the “State to State” deals whether it is with regard to defence equipment supplies or any type of humanitarian aid channelized through state procedures. Why did JFM not acknowledge the 3.2 Million doses of Covishield vaccine given to People of Burma in January to February 2021 through Junta only?

Even if India had supplied the military equipment it must be under some agreement which perhaps could have been signed during Aung San Suu Kyi led NLD’s government. After the coup in Burma, many rights groups have emerged, but surprisingly these rights groups were in hibernation mode when Rohingya genocide took place and similar atrocities were done in frontier ethnic regions of Burma.

What has been the contribution of such groups apart from creating cock and bull stories. These are basically sponsored groups with an agenda from their masters and they survive on chick feed from sponsors. Some disgruntled elements in the government feed such groups and these groups make the spicy story and circulate to stay in the limelight.

It is shocking to see the so called prime news publication like “Irrawaddy” picked up the story and floated a photograph saying Indian Diplomats attended Burma Armed Force Day Parade. Indian Defence Attache attended Army Day parade as per protocol. India does not need approval for such things and it is independent to express it’s stand at international platforms. Editor of Irrawaddy, sitting in Chiang Mai, Thailand should have bothered to check the credibility of information rather than filling up the space.

Everyone knows that pro NLD papers published or uploaded from outside Burma are doing anti-SAC propaganda only, but they must exercise fairness. All online media houses exaggerate the achievements of People Defense Forces (PDFs), highlighting the killing of poor Junta soldiers and ignoring the fact that they are their brothers only who are on the wrong side by circumstances not by their will. Wrong projections or displays never last for long. PDF stands nowhere in front of a trained army man. It’s not understood whom you want to impress by such false propaganda. NUG is doing the same.

Burma is diving deep and its collapsing economy will engulf the country for long. Never think that the international community will come and help Burma, the country is heading towards a situation from where reversal is suicidal.