Kachin Alliance leader pleas international help for Burma

The Kachin Post / August 03, 2021

KPICT Spokesperson N’sang Gum San

The leader of United States based Kachin Alliance (KA) urges international communities especially the western nations for helping Burma to get out of the military rule, amid the country’s plunging all aspects of situations and surging the COVID-19 cases among its citizens with no hope for curing the deadly disease.

The KA leader N’sang Gum San, who is also serves as the spokesperson of the Kachin Political Interim Coordination Team (KPICT), called upon the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to respond urgently to solve the health crisis and to impose effective international sanctions against the ruling military regime.

“The international health crisis management team should be dispatched to work directly with communities to administered vaccine and humanitarian assistance,” Gum San said in his speech during the online UNSC Arria meeting on last Friday. “Cross border aids is essential to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Gum San also stress on the issues of imposing the no-fly zone along Burma’s border with China, India and Thailand to enhance the border security, keeping targeted-sanction against the members of ruling State Administration Council (SAC) and its business allies, denying the recognition for Burmese military junta at the UNSC, and ensuring the accountability for crimes against the civilians by referring the country’s situation to the International Criminal Court.

Gum San also explain the history, political situation and the current struggle of the Kachin people from Burma. KPICT is one of the ethnic political entity which reached an agreement with Burma’s parallel National Unity Government (NUG) to overthrow Burmese military regime.