Kachin Alliance supports Burma’s CDM

The Kachin Post / February 21, 2021

Kachin Alliance logo

The United State capital Washington D.C based Kachin Alliance has raised thousands of dollar last week, inviting more donors to chip in to support the ongoing Burma’s Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) which opposed the recent military coup in the country.

Kachin Alliance (KA) said it raised over eight thousand dollars and the fund will be transferred trusted community organizations in northern Burma. “We want to thank you for supporting the movement,” mentioned in the KA Facebook page. “Let’s do what we can to support anti-coup and pro-democracy movements in Burma.”

KA said that CDM is not a one-time occurrence and they need more people to join donation for the movement. “If you haven’t donate to the cause, we want to invite you to do so. If you already donate, we want you to consider making recurring donations,” KA said.

The Kachin Alliance is a network of Kachin communities and Churches across United States that aims to raise awareness about Kachin Affairs.