Kachin artists to honour its pioneers

Seng Htoi Zin / February 28, 2020

Kachin Artist Association headquartered in Myitkyina is scheduled to hold a ceremony to honour its pioneers and experts on the 25th anniversary of founding the Kachin film and video industry, inviting over a hundred Kachin artists.

The ceremony will be held on March 10 at the Manau Hall in Kachin State capital Myitkyina with the purpose of receiving blessing from the pioneer artists who invented the Kachin films and videos.

We want all of our early Kachin artists to participate in the event,” the executive director of Kachin Film Commission JZ Dau Lum told The Kachin Post. He said the event organizers are trying to communicate with all the Kachin filmmakers. Dau Lum is also the CEO of Mayhka film and video production which produced over 40 films and videos.

Kachin film and video industry is believed to be established last 25 years ago. This coming ceremony is planned to award for those who made significant contributions towards Kachin film industry and its history.