Kachin company offers shares

The Kachin Post / November 15, 2019

A Kachin company based in Myitkyina has conducted Initial Public Offerings (IPO), targeting to purchase lands in Kachin State in order to run various business projects.

Kachin Entrepreneurs’ Public Co. Ltd (KEP) is selling a share for 100,000 Kyat (US $65) and eligible to buy up to 10,000 shares (US $660,000) at the end of 2019, said a share holder Lahpai Nang Pri. KEP will issue legitimate share certificates to shareholders. The share price might goes up in 2020 after closing IPO, she said.

KEP also offers an opportunity to apply potential shareholders who are capable of buying 50,000 of the company shares.

Kachin Entrepreneurs’ Public Co. Ltd KEP was founded by a group of Kachin businessmen lead by Lahpai Hkun Sa.