Kachin ranger died in Syria

The Kachin Post / November 05, 2019

A Kachin ranger who worked for U.S backed Free Burma Ranger (FBR) was killed in Northern Syria by Turkish backed Free Syrian Army motor strike on Sunday.

Sumhka Zau Seng, a Kachin national from Burma, was killed by Turkish backed Free Syrian Army motor strike which hit forward casualty collection point, where the group had been assembling to extract and treat the wounded from nearby fighting, said David Eubank, FBR founder and former U.S Army Special Force. The incident was happened about four kilometre north of Tel Tamir.

“Zau Seng was my brother and hero, I miss you and love you very much,” said David. Zau leaves behind a wife and a daughter who just celebrated her first birthday came on the day Zau died.

David said in a video clip that Zau Seng was hit in the head by a shrapnel from a motor shell that struck nearby while he was taking video of the clash.

Zau Seng was former Kachin Independence Army officer and joined FBR in 2002. He served FBR missions in Burma and Syria as a medic and cameraman.

The Free Burma Ranger is a multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement which brings help, hope and love to people in the war zone of Burma.