Kachin State reopens its businesses

Seng Htoi Zin / May 24, 2020

Bhamo Town, Kachin State / Ah Doi

The Kachin State government has recently set to reopen some businesses, public markets and restaurants even though the country’s union government extended the COVID-19 lock down period to the last day of May, trying to alleviate the hardship of over a million State’s residents during the pandemic.

The Municipal market 1 & 2 of the State’s capital Myitkyina were reopened yesterday and some restaurants in both Bhamo town and Myitkyina town are set to reopen, according to the Kachin State’s government.

The shop owners must follow the health guidelines implemented by the State government, Hla Moe, a chief administrative officer of Myitkyina’s Municipal Department told The Kachin Post. Any business owner who violate the government regulation would face shutting down, he expressed. Only The shop owners who follow the health regulations will continue open their businesses.

As well as in Bhamo, another major town in Kachin State, the restaurant owners can apply the reopening permit at the township’s municipal department with the commitment letter attached with the endorsement statement from the local chief administrative officer, according to a local chief administrator officer Setkyan from Bhamo township. Anyone who violate the health regulation will face prosecution, he said.

Many restaurants in both Myitkyina and Bhamo were shut down during the COVID-19 lock down period. Many employees lost their jobs and faced uncertainty of getting hire back at the same position.

“I’m not sure i’ll get my job back after the lock down, said a tea shop waiter Nai Lin Htun from Bhamo. A tea shop Nai worked before was out of business due to the COVID-19 lock down.

Meanwhile, a couple of selected restaurants in Myitkyina have been granted to apply for the government’s emergency business loan for the restaurant’s owners. Jinghpaw Myay and Y Garden restaurants were two out of over 400 restaurants in the country likely to receive the government loan, according to the owners.

Burma’s Ministry of Health and Sport recently reported that the Kachin State is becoming free COVID-19 territory in the country. The Kachin State’s only one COVID-19 confirmed patient had been recovered from the disease and being tested as negative, according to the Kachin State’s Public Health Department. Over 900 suspected individuals lately have been tested for COVID-19 in Kachin State, more than 700 of them found negative and over 200 were waiting for their test results.