Kawnghka school will introduce online classroom

Tu Ja / May 25, 2020

A classroom of Kawnghka National School / Nang Nu Pan

A school in the northern Shan State’s Kachin militia controlled area in Burma has scheduled to introduce online classroom in the early of next month, launching a pioneer virtual learning in the country.

Kawnghka National School in Kawnghka village of Kutkai Township is planning to launch its online classes in the first week of next month via school’s Facebook page by uploading the assignments for the students to do projects and exercise at home, according to the school authority. The reason the school teachers are implementing the online learning is to replace the regular school’s schedule, which is unable to open in the first week of June due to the country’s COVID-19 lock down.

Most schools in Burma regularly start the school year in the first of week June. However, the school won’t be likely to open as the regular schedule, because of the country is under the COVID-19 lock down until the end of May.

The Kawnghka school announced that it will start accepting student registration in the first week of June to set up online learning setting into the students’ devices and collecting tuition fees. The regular face-to-face class will be opened at least two weeks after the Burmese government run school open, the school’s principle Lahpai Nang Nu Pan told The Kachin Post. Student’s will be linked to the school’s Facebook page through closed group of respective grades and the teachers will upload their course video-clips to give assignments, Nang Nu Pan said.

Almost 300 students last year enrolled at the Kawnghka National School which is equipped with 33 teachers. The school was established in June 11, 2012 with the sponsored of Kawnghka People’s Militia Force (KPMF), which was previously known as Kachin Defense Army (KDA). In the northern Shan State, there are 30 associated schools use the similar Kawnghka school’s curriculum which is different from the curriculum of Burmese government’s Ministry of Education, according to Nang Nu Pan . All the schools are administered under the Lashio based Northern Shan State Kachin Baptist Association and not under the Burma’s Ministry of Education.

According to the school’s principal Nang Nu Pan, The Kawnghka school will open this year with the Grade-9 class as the school growth, according to the school’s principal Nang Nu Pan. The school is designated its classes into four tiers; lower primary (Kindergarten to Grade-3), upper primary (Grade 4-6), lower secondary (Grade 7-9) and upper secondary (Grade 10-12). The graduates from Kawnghka school will have an opportunity to continue higher education at overseas colleges and universities, said Nang Nu Pan,

The Kawnghka school is privately run with the main support from the Kachin militia KPMF and the student’s tuition fee. The school’s infrastructure and the major portion of teachers’ salary are supported by the KPMF, said the principal Nang Nu Pan. However, there would be a bleak future for the school’s funding as the main sponsor KMPF was disarmed by the Burma Army in last March and some of its leaders were arrested, she expressed.