KIO gestures political talk

The Kachin Post / August 25, 2021

KIO Chairman Gen. N’ban La

Burma’s one of the major Ethnic Armed Organization Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) has decided to shift its major policy towards the country’s military regime, gesturing to start the political negotiation instead of conducting decades-long military campaign.

KIO Central Committee hopes and wants to solve the country’s political problems by the right trend in order to avoid the military campaign, said in the statement released yesterday. It’s better to avoid the war by finding the right way to negotiate with concerned political organizations.

The statement said that there would be no profit in waging war during the most difficult time as the country has been facing surging cases of COVID-19 without enough vaccines and medical staffs. The statement also mentioned that KIO welcomes helps and would like to thank to neighbouring countries and the world organization which help fighting against the COVID-19 in its control territory in Burma’s Kachin State. KIO and Kachin organizations are ready to involve in the task of fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Many residents of KIO’s controlled area were vaccinated with the help of China.

KIO is one of the Ethnic Armed Organization which stand against the Burma’s military regime since early of 2021. KIO has been given reportedly giving military training to anti-junta People’s Defense Force (PDF) and indirectly support the parallel National Unity Government (NUG).

KIO was founded in February 1961 for Independence Kachinland, waging decades-long war against Burma’s successive governments. The organization reached a ceasefire agreement in 1994 with previous Burmese military regime. The ceasefire was annulled in 2011 and back to resume war against Burma Army.