KIO ordered Kachin State name intact

The Kachin Post / December 23, 2019

The Chairman of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) has ordered to keep the appellation of Kachin State Day (Jinghpaw Mungdaw Nhtoi) intact, striving to solve the controversial public outrage.

The Kachin State Day name must be used as it is before, because no government or office has changed it, and the name had been using since January 10, 1948, said in the KIO statement which was released yesterday and signed by KIO Chairman Gen. Nban La.

KIO Chairman instructed Kachin National Consultative Assembly (KNCA) and Peace-talk Creation group (PCG) to initiate the leaders of Kachin Culture Association and respective elders to solve the controversial naming case without having public discord. Gen. La also suggested both associations should follow the Kachin State government’s regulations.

Last Friday, the leaders of Kachin Culture and Literature Association (KCLA) met a Kachin State government official and gave a statement which voiced against the controversial changing name of the Kachin State by the Kachin State Day event organizing committee.

Last Tuesday, the original owner of the Manau Park, the venue of the Kachin State Day celebration, sent a letter to Gen. Nban La, saying the Karing family has expressed their disapproval of changing the Kachin State Day name.

KNCA, also know as WMR, was established in 2002 by Kachin community leaders, originally trying to bridge a gap between different Kachin armed organizations.

PCG was founded in November 5, 2011 by prominent Kachin businessmen in order to create peace talk between Kachin Independence Organization and Burma Army.