KIO restricted public gatherings

The Kachin Post / July 21, 2021

Students taking exam in KIO run school / Simsa Kasa

All public gatherings are banned in the territory near the Chinese border controlled by the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), in order to prevent to the highly contagious COVID-19 variant.

All the schools and religious gatherings in the KIO’s eastern and headquartered administrative area are banned, according to the KIO’s COVID-19 Prevention Committee’s statement released on last Sunday. The action came after the local authority found out some COVID-19 positive cases in the school of Maija Yang town.

Last week, the committee announced to conduct a week lock-down for childcare centres, social clubs and Churches in its headquartered town Laiza and closed down the check point between the two towns; Maija Yang and Laiza. Both towns are situated on the Chinese border.

According to the KIO, 20,000 people had been vaccinated since early of May 2021 with the help from Red Cross Society of China. Most of them were vaccinated with Chinese made Sinovac vaccine. KIO is one of the ethnic armed organization in the country which run its own COVID-19 respond since early of the pandemic.