Military intimidates anti-coup protesters

San Lat / February 21, 2028

Protesters holding CDM Placard / Hkun Rein

Burma Army’s intelligent unit has launched intimidation campaign against the anti-coup protesters who involved the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), making the phone calls, and threatening via Facebook messengers to go back to work or face arrested.

A medical doctor Hkawn Htoi from Myitkyina General Hospital told The Kachin Post that “I’m so scared that the military guys would come to my home and kill me,” Hkawn Htoi got a phone called earlier that the unknown caller asked her to come out and meet with him, or they will come to her home and arrest her.

Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) intends to cripple the military rule by shutting down the daily operations of government ministries. Hundred of thousands of anti-coup protesters support the CDM in Burma. Many of the medical doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, university instructors, railway workers have joined the CDM. The military authorities have been conducting the arrest campaign against the leaders and key persons of the CDM at night.

A Myitkyina resident Seng Awng said he feels all of our basic human rights were taken away since the February 1st military coup, and going back to dark era.

Recently, the military authorities practice intimidation and enticing tactic toward civil servants who involved in CDM in order them to go back to work, Seng Awng said. Some civil servants are already move out from their government housing to avoid arrest by the military.

The military authorities have sent out an order to government ministries that the staffs who joined the CDM and not come back to work will be put into jail, according to Ei Ei Nyein, a civil servant from Myitkyina. She said that she still going to work because she doesn’t want to be arrested.