Militia formed in Kalay against Junta

The Kachin Post / April 06, 2021

Kalay Civil Army Insignia / KCA

Anti-coup protesters in Burma’s northwest town of Kalay recently formed a people’s militia army to fight against the security forces loyal to the coup regime State Administration Council (SAC).

Kalay Civil Army (KCA) was established by the young protesters who are staunchly defending against the ruthless killings of SAC forces. Kalay town is one of the major hot-spot in the country where people conduct daily protests and set up sand-barricades to deter security force entering the residential areas.

Four police officers were killed and six other police officers were detained by the Kalay protesters last week, according to the Kalay resident who is in condition of anonymity. KCA recently conduced prisoners swap with six police officers for ten protesters who were detained by the security force.

The KCA bastion blocks a main road in Kalay town, and it has been a major fortress which is able to stand resistance against the security forces since February 1st coup. KCA members use hand-made guns

which killed the security forces, the Kalay resident told The Kachin Post. There would be an urban warfare in town if the protesters able to access assault weapons, he continued. The security forces loyal to SAC used assault rifle, sniper gun and rocket propellant grenade (RPG) during the clash with Kalay protesters.

Fourteen protesters were slaughtered by the SAC forces in Kalay since February 1st coup, according the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP). Four of them were slain during the first week of April 2021.

Kalay town is situated 360 kilometres northwest of the country’s second largest city Mandalay. Kalay town is mostly populated with ethnic Chin people.