Overseas Kachin welcomes International lawsuit against Burma

The Kachin Post / November 20, 2019

The World Kachin Congress (WKC), a network representative of Kachin communities and organizations around the world, has gestured to support the Gambia led international prosecution against the leaders of Burma, regarding the genocide against the country’s Muslim-minority Rohingya.

“WKC strongly support Gambia’s efforts to bring the perpetrators of genocidal crimes against ethnic minorities in Burma to justice,” said a statement released today. The organization also pledges to give utmost assistance to help prosecuting war criminals and genociders to justice.

Gambia, a small western African nation, has recently filed a lawsuit against Burma of breaching the 1948 United Nations Genocide Convention by staging ruthless military campaign against Rohingya. UN Genocide Convention is the first human-rights treaty adopted by UN General Assembly and is to prevent genocide and punish the perpetrators.

Gambia file the case against Burma on behalf of 57-nations of Organization of Islamic Cooperation to International Court of Justice (ICJ). ICJ will hold a public hearing on December 10-12 at the Peace Palace in Netherlands.

WKC blames Burma Army for committing war crimes against Kachin people in Kachin and Shan States for decades, resulting over a hundred thousand Kachin were displaced and unable to return home and being blockage of ration donated by the humanitarian organizations. WKC also highlights Kachin are no different from Rohingya in terms of being committed by Burma Army’s crime against humanity.

Three overseas-based ethnic nationalities organizations, Nationalities Alliance of Burma (USA), Canadian Burma Ethnic Nationalities Organization and Coalition of Burma Ethnics (Malaysia), have also voiced support for Gambia led international communities’ prosecution against leaders of Burma, regarding the genocide against Rohingya.