Personal gains overrides greater cause

The Kachin Post / September 21, 2021

Kachin State Chief minister Hkyet Hting Nan meeting with Burma Army Chief Gen. Min Aung Hlaing in Myitkyina

Kachin has been under the series of counter offensives by the Burma Army since February 1st military coup, and suffering of the Kachins can be well assessed from the increased number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and causalities.

The Kachin politicians especially like Burmese junta sponsored Kachin State Chief Minister of Kachin, Hkyet Hting Nan and some leaders of Kachin Independent Organization (KIO) have been showing gratitude towards Burmese military rule. Those so called Kachin leaders can explain better whether it’s personal gains or they want to trade with the sovereignty and sentiments of Kachin for which thousands of lives have already been lost during last six decades of struggle.

It is surprising to see the way Hkyet Hting Nan welcomed Sr Gen Ming Aung Hlaing during his recent visit to the Kachin State capital Myitkyina a few days ago. Actually by such gesture he has established that personal gains can over ride the causes. It is stunning to know that his half brother Dr. Hkyet Awng, the former Kachin State Chief Minister, is languishing in jail and whereas he is garlanding the Jailer or the actual culprit.

Some of the KIO leaders prefer to have cosy nights, good education for their children and brought up of their wards, hefty bank balance and support from international NGOs. On the other hand what actually life means to an average Kachin is bullet injuries, life in the bunkers, short of medicines and food, and no access to education.

It is always said that black sheep within the community or civilization are more detrimental than external aggression. Hkyet was nominated by Burmese junta as they knew he has a price tag. Time has come for Kachins to identify and check upon such actors for whom independence or sovereignty is a commodity otherwise suffering will continue.

Hpakant Jade mine and Myitsone Dam’s surroundings are being filled up by settlers from lower Burma, KIO and Kachin politicians are mum over this, who knows they too hold a stake in this migration? If no, why there is not resistance to this encroachment? Just organizing protests and displaying placards on “World River Day” is not enough, much more in required before we lose what is left!

Time has come to introspect the facts and reasons for what Kachin people have been struggling for. Are Kachins deviating from the greater cause of Independent Kachinland for personal gains?