TNLA destroyed a poppy field, sized drugs

Naw Seng / March 16, 2020

Northern Shan State headquartered Ta-ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) has destroyed a poppy field and sized drugs belongs to the local militia, after a half-day clash with Burma Army backed militia in Nam Hkam Township of northern Shan State.

TNLA said its troops annihilated yesterday a 10-acres poppy field and confiscated about 200 viss (320 kilograms) of black opium and 40,000 methamphetamine tables, and a couple dozens of small armed and ammunition from the militia’s base, according to TNLA’s News and Information Department. The ethnic-armed organization is currently active in fighting against Burma Army for greater autonomy.

The ethnic-armed organizations said it had clashed with Pang Hsay militia with the artillery support from the nearby Burma Army battalions. The proximity of the skirmish is closed to surrounding villages of Tarkont, Phong Seng, Manpan, and Sartai where other local militias also active.

TNLA said the fighting began when Pang Hsay militia started shooting its troops who were conducting drug eradication campaign in that area. TNLA later raided a Pang Hsay militia based, killing one and detaining eight members of the militia.

Pang Hsay militia is headquartered in Pang Hsay town of Nam Hkam Township and has some bases around town. The leader of Pang Hsay militia’s Kyaw Myit is reportedly known to be responsible for overseeing the production and trafficking of drugs and opium trade. Kyaw Myint, also known as Li Yung Shau, is an elected Member of Parliament for Nam Hkam Township from Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).

In the early of March, Burma Army claimed that it seized almost US $200 million worth of unclaimed narcotic drug during the week long operation in Kutkhai Township of northern Shan State. Foreign military attaches, international anti-narcotic organizations and journalists were invited to the displayed of sized narcotic drugs and its production facility.