Wa authority executed Chinese criminals

Nyii Kah / May 16, 2020

A Chinese criminal in handcuff position

There Chinese citizens who were found guilty of committing the robbery and murder case in Namtit town of northern Wa state were executed by the local Wa authorities, preserving the old tradition of capital punishment in the Burma’s Wa self-administered region.

All three Chinese criminals were shot to death by the troops from United Wa State Army (UWSA) on last Thursday evening, according the Wa local officials . The Chinese citizens were convicted of the killing of a gold shop owner and ransacking the shop in the early of May.

Namtit police arrested two of the suspected in ten hours after the incident happened. The third suspected was later arrested in the next couple days with the possessions of 53 gold necklaces. Two of them were from China’s Fujian province and one was from Anhui province.

Wa State, also known as Wa self-administered region, has a tradition of public execution, especially for the criminals who commit the murder case.

Namtit, also known as Nandeng, town is located 90 miles north of Wa State capital Panghsang and a few miles from the Kokang town of Chinshwehaw on the Chinese border.