Wa border opens with restrictions

Nyii Kah / March 26, 2020

The border gates along the Wa State, also called Wa self-administered region, has opened with some restrictions for the travellers in order to conduct preventive heath measures, during the coronavirus outbreak.

Since early of March, Wa authorities has imposed restrictions for non-residents of Wa region to abide regulation to screen the health status of the travellers. “All persons entering the Wa region must abide by the relevant epidemic prevention regulations of Special Region-2,” According to the statement issued by the Wa State’s Ministry of Foreign Relation. Wa state is also known as Special Region-2 in Burma.

Chinese citizens must hold the People’s Republic of China national ID card, epidemic prevention health code or certificate issued by the Liaison Bureau of Special Region-4, also know as Mongla self-administered region, the statement continued. Mongla region residents who want work or do business must also hold ID card of Mongla region and relevant certificate issued by the Liaison Bureau of Mongla region, which is located south of Wa region.

Vice-versa, Wa State residents who want to work or do business in the Mongla region must hold the Wa State ID and the certificate issued by the Wa State’s Ministry of Foreign Relation. Soldiers from the both side of the border of the two regions must hold the military ID while crossing the border, the statement said.

The border gate between the two regions is situated on route between Mongkhen town of Wa State and Mongyang town of Mongla region. Both special regions had emerged thirty years ago after reaching a ceasefire agreement with previous Burmese military regime, State Law and Order Restoration Council (SPDC).

Wa State is controlled by the worlds largest non-state actor, United Wa State Army. The region has up to five border gates with China. Wa State’s capital Panghsang is bordered with the Meng’a town in southern Yunnan province of China.

Nyii Kah is a reporter based in Panghsang, Wa State.