Wa soldiers seized illicit drugs

Nyii Kah / May 17, 2020

UWSA soldiers with seized drugs and a trafficker-UWSA

Soldiers from United Wa State Army’s (UWSA) southern territory along the Thailand-Burma border clashed with a caravan which smuggled narcotic drug into Thailand, confiscating millions of amphetamine pills and detaining two drug traffickers.

The skirmished happened on last Thursday night after the troops from UWSA’s brigade 772 were tipped off by its special anti-narcotic task force to patrol the suspected area near the Thai border approximately 75 miles north of Chiang Mai, Thailand, according to UWSA. Wa soldiers killed a drug dealer during the fighting and arrested one alive.

The drug caravan was believed to be involved around 40 drug traffickers and most of them fled after the clash, according to the UWSA. Wa troops did overnight search after the clash and seized the abandon illicit drugs.

In October 2019, Wa troops killed several drug dealers in the same areas and seized millions of methamphetamine pills, revealing most drug traffickers are the members of one of the Burma Army allied People’s Militia Force in Shan State.

United Wa State Army’s southern region is located in Burma’s Southern Shan State and also known as UWSA’s 171 war zone . The territory shares approximately 250 miles long border with Thailand.