WKC urged Kachin nationals to resign from Junta’s administration

The Kachin Post / February 22, 2021

Hkyet Hting Nan / Frontier Myanmar
Mangshang Ting Sau / MNA

The Kachin diaspora organization World Kachin Congress (WKC) has urged three Kachin individuals who are listed in the recently formed Burma’ Junta administration called State Administrative Council (SAC), condemning their collaboration with Burmese Junta.

The Washington D.C headquartered WKC released an open letter yesterday, targeting Hkyet Hting Nan, Jeng Hpang Naw Tawng and Mangshang Ting Sau whom are severing Junta’s administration SAC. Jeng Hpang Naw Tawng was appointed as a member of SAC central committee, Hkyet Hting Nan as the Chairman of Kachin State SAC, and Mangshang Ting Sau as a member Kachin State SAC, according to the Burmese Junta’s administrative statements.

WKC urged them to boldly resign from their positions of the military regime, said in the WKC open letter. “This is a huge indelible-mistake in Kachin history, and the collaboration with the military regime is as pulling back the whole society into the dark age.”

The policy of WKC stands to oppose the repressive rule, and only strive to endorse for the truth and justice, according to the WKC open letter. “We’ll try to work with foreign countries to take actions against these individuals and their concerned personnel’s business activities.” the open letter said.

It’s a preemptive measure that needs to do in order to avoid future problems within our Kachin society, John La Seng, a founding and steering committee member of WKC, told The Kachin Post.

Hkyet Hting Nan was the chairman of late Unity and Democracy Party in Kachin State (UDPKS) and the elected Members of Parliament in 2015. His party later merged into Kachin State People’s Party (KSPP) and Hkyet took a Vice Chairman position in middle of 2019. He resign the position from KSPP in early 2020. Hkyet Hting Nan is also a former member of military backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) and ran an office in 2010 election.

Hkyet Hting Nan is the younger brother of recently detained late-Kachin State’s Chief Minister Dr. Hkyet Awng from National League for Democracy (NLD). Hkyet Hting Nan was the Chairman of Kachin National Business Association also known as KASH. He resigned that Chairman position on February 8, 2021 and transferred his position to Qidnang Ze Lum. Hkyet Hting Nan is also the Chairman of Kachin Entrepreneur Association (KEA) which voicing to focus sustainable business development in Kachin State.

Jeng Hpang Naw Tawng was a former officer from Burma Army. He previous held the Deputy Director position of Burma’s Ministry of Sport and Health. Naw Tawng contested Member of Parliament in 2015 election for the defunct National Unity Party (NUP).

Mangshang Ting Sau is the current Chairman of New Democracy Party/Kachin, (NDP/K). He was a former officer from Zahkung Ting Ying led New Democratic Army/Kachin (NDA/K), which later transformed into Border Guard Force (BGF) in 2009. He is well known in involving many cross-border business deals with China, especially in notorious banana-plantation in Kachin State.