World Kachin implements future plan

The Kachin Post / November 3, 2019

World Kachin Congress (WKC), a network-representative of Kachin around the world, has put its plan and policy in action, after holding annual meeting last week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

WKC has set to implement freedom of Kachinland and development of Kachin citizens by working together with Kachin from Kachinland and overseas, said in its statement released last Sunday.

The two-days conference, which hosted for over 60 representatives from eleven different country of resident, has decided to form fund raising and advocacy committee to raise funds for Kachin in need, as well as to raise special funding for youth and education project. WKC also plans to collect human resource data from Kachinland.

The second annual WKC conference elected its Chairperson Nsang Gum San and Vice Chairperson as Nlam La Seng. The organization’s head office will be opened along at the Kachin Alliance office in Washington D.C, United States. Nsang Gum San is a leader of Kachin Alliance as well.

La Seng said that WKC hopes the returning home of Kachin Internally Displaced Person (IDP) altogether at once in safe and dignified way accord with the international standard. Over a hundred thousand Kachin IDP are waiting to return home since 2011 when Burma Army breached the ceasefire with Kachin Independence Organization (KIO).

WKC suggested KIO to reach the agreement with its allies and Kachin citizen first in order to proceed the potential signing of bilateral ceasefire with Burma Army, said La Seng.