Yuzana Company seizes more land

Naw Seng / March 22, 2020

The infamous Yuzana Company keeps practising the arbitrary confiscation of farmlands in Hukawng Valley in western Kachin State as the local landlords are crying out for help.

According to the local activist groups called Mungchying Raw Jat (MRJ), several acres of farmlands had been seized by Yuzana Company in recent days in Hukawng Valley. Those lands belongs to Kumhtoi Naw Ki, Ah Di, Mung Ra and Lachang Lu from the respective villages of Aung Ra, San Pya and Shadu Zup in the Danai Township.

The landlords said that the Yuzana Company destroyed and burnt down their farmhouse overnight by the company’s tractors. The company is now preparing to grow the cassava plantation on the sized land.

The local authorities have no power to help the landlords to protect from the arbitrary land seizure as the Company keeps manipulating that they have the permission from the supreme authorities of the country.

“Down with Yuzana Company, they have done too much ruthless to us,” said one of the farmland owner. He even mentioned Almighty God to help solving the land abuse by the Yuzana Company. Most farmland owners received no compensation for their land and, in turn they might get a jail term if they want to fight against the Company to return their lands.

Since 2006, a notorious Yuzana Company had confiscated over 400,000 acres of farmlands from Kachin farmers for sugarcane and cassava plantations. In the same year the company had been granted a major land concessions to set up an agriculture development zone in Hukawng Valley, the area lies within the world’s largest Hukawng Valley Tiger Reserve.

In November 2010, the Company opened the 20,000 square-feet tapioca powder factory near its cassava plantation and the factory is one of the biggest factory in Southeast Asia.

Yuzana is responsible for razing the virgin forests and destroying animal corridors in the world’s largest tiger reserve. The company is owned by the its founder Htay Myit who was a former blacklisted individual of U.S Department of Treasury.