Yuzana Company’s factory destroyed

San Latt / April 01, 2021

Yuzana Company tractor plowing at confiscated land near Warazup village / Brang Shawng

A tapioca factory owned by the notorious Yuzana Company on the Ledo Road of western Kachin State was burnt down last night by the soldiers from Kachin Independence Army (KIA).

The main building of 20,000 square-feet tapioca powder factory and nearby buildings were destroyed by the troops from the KIA’s battalion 14th of Brigade 2nd, according to Lashi Awng Lat from Warazup village. The factory is located near the Warazup village on the historic Ledo Road.

I think KIA destroyed the factory because Yuzana Company confiscated too many lands from local farmers, Lashi Awng Lat told The Kachin Post.

Yuzana Company opened the tapioca factory in November 2010 near its cassava plantation and the factory is one of the biggest factory in Southeast Asia.

Since 2006, Yuzana Company had confiscated over 400,000 acres of farmlands from Kachin farmers for sugarcane and cassava plantations. In the same year the company had been granted a major land concessions to set up an agriculture development zone in Hukawng Valley, the area lies within the world’s largest Hukawng Valley Tiger Reserve.

Yuzana is responsible for razing the virgin forests and destroying animal corridors in the world’s largest tiger reserve. The company is owned by the its founder Htay Myit who was a former blacklisted individual of U.S Department of Treasury.