Kachin Assembly held anniversary

The Kachin Post / October 25, 2021

KNCA 19th anniversary meeting in Myitkyina, Kachin State / KNCA

The new leaders and executive committee members of Kachin National Consultative Assembly (KNCA) held its 19th anniversary of founding the organization on Sunday in the Kachin State capital Myitkyina.

Kachin National Organization leader died

The Kachin Post / October 18, 2021

KNO Chairman Duwa Bawmwang Laraw

The founder and Chairman of overseas based Kachin National Organization (KNO) passed away last Saturday afternoon with the severe illness caused by the COVID-19 at the Bedford Hospital in the United Kingdom.

JFM finding needs double check

The Kachin Post / October 12, 2021

Recently some Burmese online media carried a fabricated news item “Indian company Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) supplied advanced defence equipment to Burma Army” based on the findings of a so called activists group Justice For Myanmar (JFM).

Challenge to eliminating Burmese Junta

The Kachin Post / October 12, 2021


The recent recognition of the European Union (EU) toward Burma’s parallel National Unity Government (NUG) as a legitimate government and the exclusion of Burmese Junta at the ASEAN meeting this week reveals that the international community has been tired of dealing with the stubborn Burmese Junta. But one must understand the sensitivity of the issue.

China’s Socialist Revolution 2.0

N.B Chyoi / October 11, 2021

Chinese President Xi Jingping at CCP’s 100 anniversary poster

In late 2012, when Xi Jinping became the leader of the Communist Party and declared that only socialism could protect China, it was side-lined as it could not be applied at present due to the market-powered economy. But putting forth the new action plan, Xi’s determination is clear in making China a socialist nation.

India’s rebel victimized in Burma’s crisis

N.B Chyoi / October 11, 2021

Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup fighters observes 24th Foundation Day / E-Pao

Kathe Rebels from Manipur, India are now actually now paying back for their illegal stay in Burma or they have become victims of their own Karma. In May 2021, Burma Army Commander from Kalay town had summoned the Kathe Rebel leaders and sought their help in containing protests in Tamu and other parts of Sagaing Region.

China’s BRI is part of its military initiatives

N.B Chyoi / October 08, 2021

Large Shipment of Chinese Arms seized by U.S Navy in Arabian Sea in May 2021

China’s Belt & Road Initiatives (BRI) is basically the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Military Initiatives. The profile of North Industries Group Corporation Limited (NORINCO) itself elaborates that it is the main platform entrusted with developing mechanized, digitized and intellectualized equipment for Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA).

Turning survival mode into victory

The Kachin Post / September 30, 2021

KIA soldiers

Burma’s coup leader Sr. Gen Ming Aung Hlaing’s recent visit to Myitkyina followed by a proposed visit to Putao in northern Kachin State indicates that a specific agenda is being worked out. These visits are not routine, it means serious business that too under the directions of northern neighbour, China.

Changing Dynamics

N.B Chyoi / September 29, 2021

Tamu-Moreh border crossing at India-Burma border

Since Burma’s February 1st coup in 2021, dynamics on the India-Burma border have changed and new dimensions are emerging. The business has been all time low at the border crossing of Chin State’s Rikhawdar & Mizroam’s Zokhawdar, and Sagaing Region’s Tamu & Manipur State’s Moreh, as well as China-Burma border at Muse-Ruili is yet to open.

No value of life and freedom for Tibetans inside Tibet

Dawa Kyab / September 28, 2021

Tibetan protesters outside of Chinese Consulate in New York, U.S.A in May 2021

The act of disappearance of the Tibetans people in Tibet is one of the crimes the Chinese Communist Party has committed with their so-called policies and administration. Their intention is to wipe out the Tibetan race from Tibet and also to silence the uproar of Tibetan fighters and activists that have always protested and fought for the independence of their country. Whatever they do, one thing is sure, the Chinese government will never get success in wiping out Tibetan’s race.